Hani Chernovilsky - Law Office

The Hani Chernovilsky Law Office is a real-estate law office based in Israel and established by Hani Chernovilsky who believes that we need to value our world by putting an emphasis on excellence, success and the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

The office's main field of expertise is in real-estate but also offers services in additional areas of the law.

Hani Chernovilsky has a lot of experience in representing both buyers and real-estate sellers. The law services provided by the office include guiding the buyer / seller during the whole process as well as representing and handling all the stages of the deal. This includes the negotiation stages as well as examining the properties rights (including companies connected to the Israel Land Administration (ILA), the Land Registry Office), investigating the municipality’s “hashbacha” tax or waivers to this tax, contracts, following up on bank foreclosures, mortgages, liens, demolition orders, construction exceptions, personally accompanying the client to the mortgage banks, letters of intention, mortgage closures, etc. until the deal is fully completed, and the client has received his full rights and the property has been quickly and professionally registered to the new owners. 

It is important to know that a real-estate deal is complicated and is usually one of the most economically important and significant deals in a person’s life. There are many risks and it is advised that before signing any contracts you should consult a lawyer that has the specialized knowledge and expertise necessary and can accompany you during the whole process. That is why I am here for you.
The office provides advice to customers in the country and specializes in providing personal legal advice and guidance to further advance their goals. 


Buy an Apt – includes the preliminary checks for rights and obligations that the customer needs to be aware of 
and deal with. Sell an APT – Advice on Real-estate Tax Waivers, Hashbacha Tax, Mortgages. Legal Guidance when purchasing an apartment from a builder. Rental Contracts, " Pinui – Binui". 

Family Law

Representation in the Courts, Document Preparation, Prenup Contracts, Divorce Agreements, Alimony Agreements, Inheritance Contracts, Divorce Procedures, Alimony Procedures, Custody and Visitations Rights, Property Division and Known Life Partner rights. 


Mediation for disputes in order to come to a compromise and agreement. 

Criminal Law

Consultation and Representation in the Criminal area, mostly for normal clients that this is their first encounter and have no criminal history.  

Civil Law, Monetary Claims and Letters of Demand

Consultation and Representation in the Civil area, sending Letters of Demand and Preparation of Legal Claims for the Courts.

We believe in getting the best results possible using the best way possible for each client’s special and individual needs. The office is known for its professional and creative solutions that allow our clients to utilize their maximum rights in selling or buying an apartment and paying all the legal tax fees at the lowest possible legal amounts.

Our Clients receive good, professional and friendly service all the way to the project's successful conclusion. 

Military Courts Representation

Military Courts Consultation and Representation

Traffic Law

Consultation and Representation in the Traffic Law field

Torts Law

Torts Law Consultation and Representation; Accidents, Bituach Leumi and Insurance Claims and general disability claims.